Friday, March 31, 2006

Busy weekend ahead

I actually never really considered getting the mountain bike that I was drooling over last night. It was kind of like looking at a Porsche, I would love to buy one, but could never justify the sacrifices that would be involved. But it is still fun to check one out, maybe sit on the seat for a moment. Is this just a men’s thing I wonder??

Anyway, busy few days coming up. Tomorrow morning at O-dark-thirty I have a two and a half hour run on the schedule, hilly route in the neighboring town Weingarten. Then if the weather cooperates a few hours in the garden, followed by dinner at the neighbors at 5 p.m. Sunday at 11 a.m. is a 10K race, after which, we are meeting friends for lunch that live just around the corner from the Start.

The race will just be a training run for me, I have to be fit for my normal run on Monday night.
Tuesday swim night.
Wednesday 20K/12.4M run.
Thursday night 14K/8.7M run or hill repeats.
Mix in a lot of work at work, picking up the slack around the house while my wife attends classes, and some garden work and it doesn’t leave a whole of time. But that’s life in the moment. Have a great weekend!

What would you need a mountain bike for? You haven't got any mountains in your vicinity! ;-)
Should be also about feeling stron that you want the bike, you feel you can conquer anything!
I want a bike too!

Nice weekend!
Have a great weekend and a great race!
I bet your race results will amaze you!!!
I'll call BS to not "really considering" the bike - you know you're considering it. You've seen what your future would be with the bike - you max out the credit card, ride off on the bike leaving this life behind, and you spend the next 15 years riding hut-to-hut through the alps, washing dishes in five star resturants in the Italian Alps to keep yourself in food, tires, and fleece. Then the ultimate - one day, after a 15 km climb above treeline, you crest the hill into the sunset, achieve Nirvana, and just continue sailing up, up, up into infinity.
Have a great race.

Ummm last time hubby said he just wanted to go test drive trucks, we bought it, so I don't fall for that line
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