Thursday, March 09, 2006

Boys Night Out

Last night I had a pleasant "boys night out" with a friend of mine from work. We went to the Andreasbrau for a little food, a couple of the breweries home brewski’s and some good conversation. My wife joined us later after her night school and after a nice cup of hot tea played taxi driver. It was a good change of pace and I made sure that I didn’t over do the "carbo-loading" as Mia Goddess calls it ;-)

Tonight I want to run for about 45 minutes at a nice easy pace. I may run also run around the block on Saturday morning if I feel stiff. My marathon begins on Sunday at 10 a.m (4 a.m. USA EST), so far I am not terribly nervous about it. I will increasing the carb intake slightly over the next couple days and trying to sleep as much as possible, but other than that I’m ready to go!

Tough Guy Race

To answer Thomas's question about how long of a distance that the Tough Guy Race was: I couldn't find this on their website either, I have the feeling that the course was never measured.

To answer Lora's question about whether I can't put you all up if you come over for the race: Sure bring your sleeping bags y'all can sleep in my shed - we probably have room for 50-60 RBFers, easy! An of course you are all used to standing in line for the toilet, so that's not a problem ;-) Jon don't forget the chocolate!

The only problem is that the race is in England and I live in Germany, but that's just a minor worry compared to the race itself ;-)

But seriously, there are a lot of really cool adventure races around the world, the most a bit more civilized than Tough Guy. If you are interested there is a good website that lists adventure races all over the world at:

GOOD LUCK IN YOUR M!!!! I can't wait to hear how you do. You're going to do AWESOME!
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