Thursday, February 09, 2006

To Tri, To Ultra or a 2nd Marathon

I had a lot of post-marathon thoughts on my mind as I ran last night. I’m looking for the next big goal that will keep me heading out the door running.

To Tri

I was thinking about running a sprint triathlon, but couldn’t get into a freestyle swim class in January. I could breaststoke the 500 meter swimming, but what I really want to do is...

To Ultra

The decision has been made I will run an ultramarathon! The remaining question is which one and when. I have a couple candidates:

1) June 24, 2006 - Karlsruhe Fideltas 80K/50M Night Run – a good mix of asphalt, trail and hills – 16-hour time limit. Close by, I can train on the route. It is a little too close to my March marathon, 2007 would be better.

2) July 9, 2006 - Euerbach 60K/37M Challenge Cup in Euerbach, Germany – consists of 5-6x 11K rounds – a lot of asphalt. This is doable, but I'll hate every asphalt inch of it!!

3) My preferred option: Find a 50K trail run somewhere – there doesn’t seem to be too many in Germany!

A 2nd Marathon

This is a very good possibility if the Ultramarathon doesn’t go – I have a definite one in mind, the Black Forest Marathon in October. This one is out in the country folks, no more big city marathons for me! It’s still not a trail marathon, there is some asphalt involved, but it’s getting closer!

You know, Jack. I've pictured you an ultra runner already, running all over Germany. I can't wait to read your progress on this new adventure!!
How about a trip to the USA for your Ultra?????? We got plenty!!!! ;)
Not another ultra runner. I'll be surrounded by them soon, and then they'll persuade me to do one myself, and then I will REALLY know what pain is.
Second marathon sounds good to me!

Although, thinking about it, once the pain blockers sit in at about mile 24, doing another 20 or so might not be an issue...
an ultra just seems like such a 'natural' fit for you jack...i can easily picture you enjoying (yes, I said ENJOYING) an ultra.

but truthfully, i could see you doing any of these have an amazing level of dedication and motivation.
ultra! ultra! ultra!

ok, so I'm biased.

Come do the Soul Run 50k with me in October!
They all sound great...but something sounds so magical about "Black Forest" marathon!
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