Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Tentative 50K Training Plan

I have infected my wife with my cold (or so she claims) and as she has been hit harder than I, am now practicing avoidance so that she doesn't reinfect me - I'm a great guy huh!

Anyway I tweeked my tentative training schedule for the May 25th 50K Event:

A "Hill Run" indicates that the route has a number of challenging hills and is mostly over woodland paths or gravel trails.

Any comments or suggestions are welcome!

Looks good! I like that it appears you have lots of rest days in there. Even though the mountain run is short, if it is steep it could hurt you before the race. So my only recommendation would be take care with that one. Have fun with the marathon!
it looks crazy man!! hehe. its going to be fun reading along with the training thats for sure. u da man. keep it up dude!
I would do the 20 miler a week earlier. Running 20 miles less than two weeks before the 50k is asking a lot of your body.
I don't have any advice. But I am curious about the amount of rest days. I always wonder if it's better to run everyday or take 2 days off a week. Let us know how it goes! It's an intense schedule! Good luck.
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