Monday, February 13, 2006

Running with Ultra Jack?

Okay, I did it, I committed myself. Jack is going to try his first Ultramarathon. Yesterday I signed up for my first 50K Ultra, the 8th International 50K Westerwald Run in Rengsdorf, Germany (near Koblenz). On Thursday, May 25th, 2006 (Ascension Day), 8 a.m. I will try to drag this old body into the next level of pain, I mean running!

According to the organizers the route is a “Very diversified route through forests, fields and villages, very demanding!” They also state that it is a “fun run” and is not a competition, e.g. it is timed but there is no time limit.

Let’s see, after my marathon in March I will have about 11 weeks to train - okay now how do I train for this?

Way to go Jack! If it doesn't kill you, you're gonna have a blast!! (Just kidding:))
I'm sure the UMs out there will have lots of advice for you. I can't help...but I look forward to your progress.
Congrats on signing up!! So damn exciting!! We expect a full report ya know!!
I'm going to have to beat you up next time you say "this old body" as I'm older than you!!!!!
I'll pay attention to the comments giving you advice on training as I can use that too.
Ahhhhh you signed up for a one way trip, now you cannot come anymore back! Go with the ultra!
Wow! Awesome!! I think it's great to set goals after the M, it keeps you running and focused!!
Very exciting!! Love the photo ... I notice there is no snow...or ice! and men wearing SHORTS!

Personally, I can't even wrap my head around 50K... I having trouble wrapping my head around 10 miles!
woo hoo!!!! yay!!!!!!

11 weeks after a marathon? Hmm, not sure how to go about training for that...
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