Sunday, February 19, 2006

Let the taper begin!

This afternoon I felt fresh and fit despite running 35K/22M on Saturday morning. With my wife busy doing her homework for her night class I decided to go out for an easy run. It was a warm 11C/52F outside, cloudy but with no wind – perfect for running a round. I headed out with no real distance in mind, but with trying to stay at an easy pace. Well 5K lead to 10, and before I knew it I was almost done with my 14K route. The weather was nice, I was lost in my MP3 tunes, overall an enjoyable run.

I ended up running my 14K/8.7M round with an average pace of 5:38/K (9:04/M) – much too fast for a recovery run, I will probably feel it tomorrow.

Anyway I ran 91K (56.5M) this week, another record week. This is still a long way from what some elite runners put in, but a lot for me!

So now it’s taper time, I have a marathon to run in 3 weeks.

That's a long way from what this runner puts in. Amazing Jack. Happy tapering.
Man, your marathon training always flys by...for me. :) Let's see how you go crazy now when you can't run!
Yay! Good job! Enjoy your taper
Yeah for tapering!! Enjoy!
Fantastic going just one day after such a long run. I guess we might be reading about your PR in three weeks time.
Here comes the fun!
Yay, the hard part is done!
Great week Jack! You have definitely put in the work for the marathon.
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