Tuesday, February 14, 2006

How I am going to train for my 50K

During my run last night I was thinking about how I should train for my 50K Fun Run on May 25th.

I came up with a list of things I have going for me:

- I seriously believe I can finish the 50K race right now!
- I have a good training base (I'm marathon ready).
- The race has no time limit, I can take it easy.
- My goal is to finish and to have fun.
- The race route has only 100 meters of asphalt!

I put together a quick training plan on the way to work this morning. This is very similar to my present marathon training plan. Rather than running a long run every two weeks, I am going to try to complete a long run every weekend. The long run route that I am looking at has a lot of hills, is mostly through the forest, and should be fairly similar to race conditions.

The race has some major elevation gain, e.g. it goes up and down hills for the entire distance. I expect that I will end up walking up some of the hills, therefore I will train during my long runs with that in mind.

Anyway here is my tentative plan:

Week 11 – the week following my March 12th marathon - rest – no running – some XT
Week 10 – 3 x 14K (8.7M) easy pace
Week 9 – 1 x 14K=Tempo, 1 x 14K=Easy, 1 x 22K/14M=Long & Hilly
Week 8 – 1 x 14K=Tempo, 2 x 14K=Easy, 1 x 24K/15M=Long & Hilly
Week 7 – 1 x 14K=Tempo, 2 x 14K=Easy, 1 x 26K/16M=Long & Hilly
Week 6 – 1 x 14K=Tempo, 2 x 14K=Easy, 1 x 28K/17M=Long & Hilly
Week 5 – 1 x 14K=Tempo, 2 x 14K=Easy, 1 x 30K/18.5M=Long & Hilly
Week 4 – 1 x 14K=Tempo, 2 x 14K=Easy, 1 x 32K/20M=Long & Hilly
Week 3 – 1 x 14K=Tempo, 2 x 14K=Easy, 1 x 34K/21M=Long & Hilly
Week 2 – 1 x 14K=Tempo, 1 x 14K=Easy, 1 x 24K/15M=Long & Hilly
Week 1 – 2 x 9K=Easy, 50K-RACE

I will probably have an additional cross-training (XT) day where I swim or cycle (or both). I may elect to replace one 14K-Easy with some speed work or some weight training. I’m really going to have to wait and see.

I welcome any advice from anyone who has trained for a 50K or otherwise has an opinion.

Ultra training usually consists of 2 consecutive long runs, i.e. 20 miles Saturday and 18 miles Sunday. Though, I suppose, 50 miles is not that much longer than marathon distance (though at km 46 you might think differently), so normal marathon training with plenty of long runs should suffice.

I still think you're mad ;-)
Hi Jack, a 50k is dreamworld away for me but wanted to wish you all the best with your training over the next month as I won't have my pc due to moving interstate

happy running :)
my suggestion is to take it easier on the second week after your marathon - that's the point I'm at in recovering from my first ultra, and I need to take it easier. I think you are in better shape for your marathon that I was for Pemberton, though, so one week might be enough.

The way I trained was with back-to-back runs on the weekends, to best simulate the total distance of the race. Then I kept up a couple of short runs and one moderate tempo run during the week.
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