Monday, February 13, 2006

A Good Temp Run and Some Ultra-thoughts

When I got home from work today it was a pleasant 5C, sunny and nice. I quickly suited up, warmed up and was out the door. I ran my 14K/8.7M route, my goal a 5:30/K (8:51/M9 tempo. Once I left the 2.5K of asphalt behind me the trails were muddy, particularly the paths between the fields. But I felt good and kept up my speed, returning home while it was still light out! I averaged 5:20/K (8:36/M), almost my half-marathon pace. It is supposed to stay warm for a couple more days, I look forward to the next run!

Diet Update

I haven’t talked much about my diet lately because my diet has consisted of bear-sized quantities of food that I have been consuming to keep my energy up during my hardest weeks of training. That said I am still hovering at around 73kg (161 lbs.) plus or minus a couple pounds depending on whether it’s a running day or not. My normal diet will resume after March 12 (M-day).

50K Ultra Update

As I said earlier I signed up for the Westerwald 50K Fun Run which takes place on May 25th. I received a confirmation e-mail this afternoon welcoming me aboard. They also mentioned that the event is not officially timed, which kind of surprised me. There are however, 5-7 control points along the way. Participants carry a card of sorts pinned to their outfit and receive some kind of stamp at each of the stations. This is very much like the IVV Wandering that take place in Germany and other countries. Finishers (who have all the stamps) receive a certificate, medal and a T-shirt.

As this will be my first 50K run, that’s enough for me. Any experienced Ultra-achievers have an opinion on this?

I should add that although this is coined as a “Fun Run” it is a bear! I took a look at the profile for the course today, it has some serious elevation changes, we’re talking some pretty good climbs.

Okay, I admit that I live in the flatlands so any hill looks big :-) That just means I have to train harder than the highlanders.

I know you'll do great. :-)
Cool an Ultra. I bet you do awesome! As for the diet, I've been quiet on that front as I'm stuck

I still have one pound to hit 17.. *sigh*
i wish I had advice...but you know way more than me... I think you'll do great AND have fun.
From the Web site (none of which I could read!), the picutres looked like it's an awesome adventure! I'm sure it will be a blast as your first ultra!
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