Friday, February 17, 2006

From Marathon to Ultra...

I as reading the new German Runner’s World magazine this morning on the train. They had an article that translates to the effect of “From Marathon to Ultra”, or making the next big step in the running ladder.

Here is a list of some of their training tips:

• Weekly training should consist of two long runs, one 2-2 ½ hours, the other 2 ½ -5 hours. However, contrary to what I have generally heard they stated that they should NOT be back to back, but rather one in the middle of the week and one on the weekend.
• The longest long run should be half of the Ultra-distance.
• They recommended using marathons as a training aid – but at a slower, non-competitive pace that will allow fast recovery.
• They recommended at least 4 months training for, e.g. a 100K (60M) Ultra.
• There should be at least one tapering week before the event with no long runs.
• On race day you should never run so fast that you are out of breath.
• On race day take the time to eat and drink, it gets increasingly critical as the Ultra distance increases.

Their suggested training plan (for a 100K):

Monday: 60-90 minutes easy run
Tuesday: 45-60 minutes recovery run
Wednesday: 2-2 ½ hour long run
Thursday: 60 minutes easy run
Friday: REST
Saturday: 2 ½ - 5 hours long run
Sunday: 40 minutes recovery run

I am hoping that I can get by with 4 days training for my 50K. Although I have always heard that back to back long runs (e.g. Saturday and Sunday) more closely simulate the race event, midweek/weekend split would better fit my lifestyle (and would be more agreeable to my wife).

What do you guys think?

You've obviously done your research and I know you'll do great. Have a nice weekend Jack!
I have never responded well to the back to back philosophy. The object being, I guess, to run your longest run on tired legs. I have responded better to spacing out the long and longer runs, at least for marathon training. The back to back thing might work for someone in better shape than me, but in the past I've found the recovery period from this to be too long.
I think it sounds great - especially if it works with your schedule
Ditto! I tyically look at various plans and change them to fit my lifestyle.
Good luck with it. Put a lifesize picture of yourself on the back of the bedroom door so your wife remembers what you look
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