Sunday, February 05, 2006

Another 14K Run - Weekly Total = 88K/55M

I was going to take a day of rest today after my 32K/20M run yesterday. But I woke up this morning with no aches, pains or other annoyances, only a bear-size hunger. I had a hearty breakfast and contemplated going to the swimming pool after church. My wife wanted to work on her evening class school work, so the light was green. But after church my wife seemed to be in a talking mood so I decided to stay home and spend some time with her. After lunch she went upstairs in the library to study and I got out my notebook computer from work and started working on a pressing project.

After a couple hours I started getting restless so after confirming that my wife was still occupied decided to go for a short run. It was much warmer today, 2C/36F, partly sunny, no wind – the snow was melting – I was out the door. I thought I would do a nice relaxed run around the fields, about 45 minutes. Well 45 minutes led to an hour, then finally 1:21:02 – for about 14K/8.7M slightly faster than marathon pace (6:00/K - 9:39/M). Whoohoo, why couldn’t it have been this warm yesterday!

Anyway I finished this week with 88 kilometers = 55 miles – a new weekly record for me!

Well I need to hop in the shower and get ready for dinner, have a great week everyone!

Great job on the mileage this week, Jack. Heck that's more than I did all of January!
Good job! I have yet to go over 35 miles in a week...hoping to this year.
Hope you have a good week too! Winter has finally arrived here - temps down from the upper 60s last week to the mid 40s this week. That's winter enough for me. :-)
Wow! You're a running machine. Great job on all the miles!
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