Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Marathon III Training Status

General Jabbering

For any of you who have heard, Jeff over at Boingoblog (Breakthetape) just qualified for Boston. His race report is awesome, be sure to read it!

The trouble with Bloglines is that it is too easy to add new blogs, which results in it being really hard to find time to read all of them and trying to leave comments. Sorry if I have been neglecting you!

Marathon III Training Status

It is approximately two months until my third marathon on March 12. I just finished a 30K/19M run last Friday and a 73K/45M week of running. I have avoided any injury to date and, despite the colder winter season, have maintained my long run pace. I still have three long runs to complete: 32K/20M, 34K/21M and a 36K/22M.

The major difference between training for Marathon III and my first two marathons is that this time I am only running 3 days a week (plus a couple race days), as compared to 4-5 days. I have replaced the extra days of running with crosstraining, mostly swimming.

Marathon III will be my third marathon in a 10 month time span. My goal is to finish in under four and a half hours, which is about 5 minutes faster than last time. My next 3 long runs should be a good indication as to whether I can achieve this goal.

Marathon IV will probably not be a fast city marathon, but rather one without so much asphalt.

A triathlon is becoming less of a priority, at least in the next year or two, but we’ll see.

I have not given up the idea of eventually running a sub-4 marathon, but I don’t have the time to commit to training for a sub-4 this time around. I am also leaning more towards improving my endurance rather than my speed, as this coincides more with my long range plans.

That's a ton of marathoning, good for you! Can't wait to follow your progress!
I enjoyed reading your blog entries. I recently signed up for my first marathon and i thought it would be interesting to start a blog... http://www.marathonblog.co.uk
Let me know what you think. I would also appreciate any advice from a marathon veteran such as yourself!
I can relate all to well with the trouble of bloglines. There are far too many great blogs out there. Tis why I am just now catching up. That and of course the fact I do have a life outside of blogland. *grin*
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