Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Looking into the Future

I am a goal-based runner. In other words my motivation for running is fed by the next major race. With my next marathon just 6 ½ weeks away (ahhhh) I am starting to look at what’s next.

This year there will definitely be several half-marathons, 10K’s, mountain runs, cross-country races etc. There might be a Fall marathon, and when, then a country (e.g. non-city) marathon. The latter is part of my anti-asphalt program that I am launching.

But then I keep hearing this little voice whispering, not Triathlon, but ULTRA! Just saying the word gives me shivers up and down the spine. As I was swimming last night I found myself totally unexcited by the experience. But when I think about training for an ultra-marathon I get goose-pimples. Am I overtraining and going mad, or is this a sign?

It's a sign...go with it! (Tho you're probably a bit mad too!)
Your mad and its a sign! I think the ultra sounds fantastic!
Go for it! We as humans need to be challenged to feel alive. The fear of unknown is intoxicating! I feel that way about the half-marathon on trails I am training for back in CT. Can't wait to hear what you decide.
Oh man, you gave me shivers too! You could totally do that Jack!!!
I really think you could do it. Funny its a thought that keeps crossing my mind. I actually think I'd rather train for an Ultra then a Tri. But then everyone knows I'm silly.
Anything that gives you shivers is worth it. What's the worst that could happen?
You're as mad as a hatter. You should totally do it. I hope your marriage survives! :)
I'm always for anyone doing an ultra!!! Do it! Have fun!
You should do it! There's just something about saying you are an ultramarathoner that has a DEFINATE ring to it!
I had ideas about running an ultra a few months ago. Running my last marathon put me off this: by the end of 26.2 miles I was totally spent, and the idea of running another 10, 20 or even more miles was just too horrible to even contemplate, never mind actually doing it.
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