Wednesday, January 25, 2006

A little swimming, a lot of eating, a lot of work

Yesterday was a hard day at work, it seemed like everyone needed something from me, I felt like I was getting nowhere. I also tried to limit what I ate throughout the day, but by evening I was famished – I need to learn to even out my calories throughout the day.

In any case I first went to the pool last night before dinner, but after about 800 meters breaststroke I add zero energy or desire to continue so decided to call it an early night. In the meantime my wife had prepared one of my favorite training meals, spaghetti, broccoli and a green salad. My wife commented that I ate like a ravaging wolf – yep, I definitely have to do better at spreading the calories out over the entire day so I don’t eat twice as much at night. I’m up a pound this morning [big sigh].

This week I have to rearrange my running schedule, not my favorite thing to do. Tonight we are meeting a friend for dinner in the nearby city of Karlsruhe, so I know I won’t get my run in. I will postpone this until Friday night. Saturday I am helping another friend move his mother-in-law into a new apartment so I need to move my 24K/15M run to Thursday night.

Sunday morning is a 10K cross-country race, but this is a just-for-fun run. On Monday I have a late meeting, followed by dinner, so I have squeeze that night’s run in sometime during the week.

I also have a big pile of work on my desk that just doesn’t seem to go away, so I have to start bringing some home to work on. Why does life always get so busy as my training miles start peaking? Have a nice week everyone!

Work less, run more! If only it were that easy. =(

We're having spaghetti tonight!! YUM!
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