Tuesday, January 24, 2006

A little stiff this morning, but more from the freezing temperatures ...

My legs are a little stiff this morning after „letting myself go“ on my „recovery“ run last night. But I think I was still listening to my body, it wasn’t like I was pushing into the pain zone, it was more like my body saying we can handle this, don’t be afraid to push a little. I also knew that I would be swimming tonight and that I would be postponing my Wednesday night run to Thursday because we are invited to dinner with a friend, so I basically have two days of no running before me.

The weather is changing again in Germany, in the northeast and into Poland they are experiencing temperatures of -24C/-11F. Luckily we live in the “tropical” part of Germany, we have a toasty -7C/19F in the moment (5:45 a.m.).

Hey don’t forget to cheer for the RBFers racing this weekend. Terry at Planet3rry is doing a 10-mile on Saturday (28th). David, Rae, and Noames are running the Miami Tropical Marathon on Sunday (29th). Brent will also be out motivating the Miami runners and probably flirting with Rae the last 10K. Have fun everyone, we'll be cheering you on from our respective corner of RBF land!

I am running my first 10K cross-country (trail?) run on Sunday, but that is so insignificant compared to the torture, I mean the fun, that these guys will be having ;-)

You're funny. Have a great race on Sunday. I have a 4k trail on Saturday not nearly as much torture, I mean fun *wink*
Ha! Tortune sounds about right! Thanks for the shout-out! If Brent tries to flirt with me on the last 10 I may have to pitch a water bottle at him. =)
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