Monday, January 23, 2006

I was listening to my body, but my body wasn't listening to me!

It started out innocent enough, a 14K/8.7M recovery run following an active weekend of running including a 32K/20M long run and a 8K/5M recovery run. The sun was shining, the temperature -1C/31F, a slight wind, the first kilometer at an easy 6:10/K (9:55/M) pace...I was listening to my body...telling myself to take it easy...I turned on my MP3 player...a little country music...Brooks & Dunn...Toby Keith...Aaron Tippin...a 5:30 kilometer...whoops too fast...a 5:20 kilometer...whoops slow down...oh what the heck, lets go, look out I’m coming through! ;-)

So a 14K/8.7M tempo run, average pace 5:30/K (8:44/M), legs a little sore – but in a good way - it was a good workout. Tomorrow night = laps at the pool :-)

What fun! Though I'm committed to doing recovery "right" this year, it's such a great feeling to let yourself go...
Don't run your recovery runs too fast, or you will be joining me at the moaning-about-injuries stage
Funny how getting lost in tunes we sometimes realize were doing an unplanned speedier run. I've got country on mine as well now with the odd rock mixed up here and there.
Woo hoo! Way to go!
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