Friday, January 20, 2006

I Was, I Am

In anticipation of my long run tomorrow morning I seem to have a lot of nervous energy today. During lunch I came up with a diet timeline for my life, not a healthy cycle:

I was the 240 lb. 12-year old who was always the last person to complete the laps in gym class.
I was the 160 lb. 19-year old farm kid who started work at the supermarket and got married.
I was the 220 lb. 23-year old unemployed store manager who joined the army.
I was the 170 lb. 31-year old sergeant who left the army and settled with his second wife in Germany.
I was the 210 lb. 32-year old student and bookkeeper who supported the U.S. Army in Germany.
I was the 170 lb. 35-year old masters-degree-dude who started work as a technical writer.
I was the 221 lb. 43-year old technical writer whose personnel manager told him he was too fat.
I am the 160 lb. 46-year old tech writer and marathoner who will lose those last 10 lbs. this year.

So you're like a 19 year old again! That's hot!!
Forever 19 Jack... forever 19 :)

My sis-in-law is from Kaiserslatern. I visited there in summer '04. LOVE Germany!!!
A proud, powerful statement. Yeah, Jack.
Dude! Just amazing is a lesser adjective of your life that has brought you back to the top of MT Everest!

A triathalete here at my athletic club just quit after years of training etc. It's not easy,but you sound like you plan to live the will of our youth. I'm such a player as well!

Here's hoping you break the pattern I see in that history. You've come a long way since you were a 19 year old farm kid.
Wow! Just look how far you've come! Amazing!
holy wow, jack, holy wow.
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