Tuesday, January 31, 2006

A Few Pictures of my Cross-Country Race

Here are a few pictures that I found of the cross-country run on Sunday. I am the cold looking number 12.

Under interesting notes:

The runner that came in 2 seconds behind me, Friedbert Vetter (#140), ran the Rodgau 50K ultramarathon on Saturday the day before the cross-country race. His time for the 50K was 4:58:14 257th out of 524 – the man was born in 1953! If that isn't enough I did a quick google search and found out he is quite the experienced ultramarathoner, completing at least a 50K (4:36:00), 80K (8:28:27 - first place in his age class) and a 100K (9:13:00) ultramarathon last year. He also finished the Bienwald Marathon last year, the one I am running in March, in 3:19:31! To see him at the start you would never guess that he can run so fast - I see him frequently at some of the local 10K races. He certainly has my respect! I found a picture of him:

Awesome pictures ... way to go!
That is one cold looking race!!
Shorts?? No hat??? Who is that guy?? Is he nuts?? But number 12 is looking good!
cold ... brrrr ... need hot tea
Too cool!!!
There's always a guy in shorts at races with snow...lol.
Great pics!!! It looks COLD!
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