Sunday, January 22, 2006

Another 8K/5M Run = Highest Mileage Week EVER!

So the day after my 32K/20M run, how does old Jack feel you might ask? Great! No aches, no pains, no stiffness, real good! It makes me wonder what I did wrong ;-)

I had to spend a few hours working this afternoon on a translation for work (German to English), not my favorite work, but particularly miserable when the German is poorly written to begin with. Our engineers may be smart and can do some amazing things, but few can write worth a darn.

Anyway, by the middle of the afternoon I was starting to climb the walls. I was just itching to hit the trails. A quick check revealed that my wife was deeply involved with her homework for her night class, so I debated whether I should really run or not the day after my long run. I felt really good, so didn’t think about it too long, rather suited up and headed out.

I did a nice slow 8K/5M loop around the fields surrounding our town, trying to stick to dirt paths as much as possible. I took it really easy, averaging 6:11/K (9:56/M). I stretched good afterwards and don’t seem to have any soreness or aches – we’ll see what tomorrow brings.

So I finished this week with a total of 78 kilometers (48.5 miles), my highest mileage week EVER!

That's impressive! I'm not even close to 48.5 miles this year! :)
Very good goal, 7.2 km more than me! You are ready for the marathon. And it is important that you feel fine with no pains.
Well done on the mileage, that's certainly a lot more than I did this week.
Hi! :-)

and well done, Jack!
Great job, and congrats on the new mileage high! I think this will be your best M ever. Can't wait to run "internationally" with you next weekend!
Yeah, that's a lot of miles! I had a good mileage week too. Its so funny, the more I run, the more I want to run. I guess that is how anything in life is, the more chocolate I eat, the more I want to eat.
I'm still waiting ot hit 40 miles for the year, I think! Congrats!
good job!!
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