Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Yahoo, look out I'm coming through!

Tonight was almost a repeat of last Wednesday night. I got home all fired up ready to run, so suited up and practically ran out the door, was halfway around the block before I realized that I forgot my hat and gloves. As it was kind of cool, 4C/39/F, and getting dark I ran back and got them. So resetting my watch I sped off again knocking the first half of the 14K/8.7 mile run out in 37:03, or an average pace of 5:18/K (8:31/M). By this time it was dark and I had to pick my way along a muddy path for the next 5K so I slowed down some. But as soon as hit the asphalt trail that would take me the last 2K home, I was fired up again and burned rubber all the way home, sprinting the last 100 meters to my house - in the process scaring the living daylights out of a little old lady that popped out of nowhere. Sorry lady!

My average pace for the 14K run 5:28/K (8:48/M), exactly the same pace as last Wednesday. So I’m all ready for my 28K/17M run on Saturday! Happy Holidays, don’t forget to burn some calories!

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