Monday, December 19, 2005

Training Through the Holidays

Other than my medium long run on Saturday this weekend was void of any training. After my run on Saturday I helped my wife clean house, than snuck out in the afternoon to do some Christmas shopping. Typically I go to the pool on Sunday after church, but we had guests over for a feast, so didn’t make it. I thought about at least running last night, but our friends didn’t leave until after 7 p.m., so I decided to just enjoy the night off.

Diet Damage Assessment

So obviously my diet was disastrous after a huge buffet on Friday night and another feast yesterday. This morning I was shocked to see that I was back up to 163 lbs, a gain of 4 lbs this week. But I’m sure a lot of this is water and disappear in the next day or two. I have 14K/8.7 mile runs on the schedule for tonight and Wednesday, and plan on going to the pool on Tuesday and perhaps Thursday or Friday. Saturday morning is my next long run, 28K/17.5 miles.

Diet Plan for Christmas

My diet plan for Christmas is to enjoy every morsel, thank you!

I have vacation for two weeks following Christmas. In my old cough potato days this would mean mega-hours kicked back on the couch watching TV, eating, snacking, playing on the PC, eating, snacking, eating, snacking and eating some more. But in my born-again life as a runner I see lots of opportunities to increase my mileage, do some quality cross-training, and generally avoid post-holiday put-on-too-much-weight depression. I have actually drawn up a plan for each day to keep me focused. I only need to clear with my better half to make sure I am not in conflict with things she would like to do. But runner's are flexible!

Have a great week!

We all need a plan for the holidays. Good luck with yours Jack.I'm sure you'll be fine.
Looks to be good weather here, so I plan to get outside as much as possible! Happy holidays to you Jack!
I like your plan for the holidays. Mine will hopefully be similar but as the little one will be spending a few days with us (daycare closed)maybe I will incorporate some fun runs with her.

Enjoy your holidays! Mine start end of day on Thursday.
LOL I love your thinking Jack, enjoy every morsel and have a brilliant xmas :)
A two week vacation sounds HEAVENLY! I am so jealous! Enjoy!!
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