Wednesday, December 14, 2005

'Tis the season to overdose on sugar...'

Oh the Christmas season is upon us! Yesterday was an office party with lots of Scottish sweet treats from a co-worker with a generous heart. We’re talking about cakes with dripping chocolate frosting, bread puddings, truffle desserts and such that would probably make a diabetic go into a seizure or something. I tried to stay away, really I did, but I was chastised for being a party pooper, scrooge and worse, so was forced to indulge ;-)

Now I only need to run about a zillion miles to work off the ultra-zillion calories that I took in yesterday. I think my weight loss is on hold this week until further notice. Now’s your chance Jon and Jank! As Dawn continues to kick our butts with her power-diet, I think we are all going to have to attend her Diet & Training camp after the holidays.

Uh, yeah. My staff meeting yesterday was eating high quality cookies (just 2!) and drinking Ghiradelli coccoa. yikes!
Had our big holiday luncheon today and I think I'm going to explode! Plus we all got a giant box of Ferrero Rocher chocolates (30 in a box). I think I'm going to totally fail at losing weight until after Christmas. Ugh.
I never even went into the office kitchen yesterday as a coworker had brought in yummy treats. I's still at 13 but would like to see 15 before xmas.
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