Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Swimming, Running Plans, and The Diet

Swim Report

Last night I stopped at the pool on the way home from work to do some swimming. First I swam a 1000 meters breast stroke. After a short breather, I swam a 100 meters freestyle (or tried), but the pool was pretty full by that time and I seem to keep veering off to the right with this stroke. I noticed that the 1.35 meter deep kids pool was empty so switched pools and tried to work on my freestyle technique. After a couple hundred meters I finally managed to swim more or less in a straight line. I still wear myself out after a short distance (say 25-50 meters) and have to take a lot of breaks. I need to learn the proper technique and breathing – I hope I can get into a freestyle class this winter (big sigh). I finished off the night with another 100 meters breast stroke at a nice relaxed pace.

Run Report

Tonight is a 14K/8.7M run on the schedule and Saturday is my long run (28K/17M). The pool is closed from the 24-26th, so I may add an extra run to my training plan. The free weights in my shed have been crying out to me lately, so I may spend some time with them this weekend.

Diet Report

This morning my weight was down to 72.5kg (160 lbs.). That translates into a loss of 7 lbs. in the last month or so. But we all know that Christmas is looming in front of us like a big pile of chocolate, so anything goes.

My mini-goal is to still weigh 160 lbs. next Wednesday. What no weight loss expectations? Well, actually I am looking at this as realistically as possible. Saturday morning is my long run, after which I am typically as hungry as a bear for at least the next 24 hours. Combine the Great Hunger with Christmas festivities and it’s an automatic DNF. So basically my diet is going to take the Rocky I role and get all beat up for a few rounds, but in the end we will still end up winning!

I really admire you for staying on schedule, Jack. Good luck with your weight goal; I'm sure you will do just fine. And congrats on the 7 lbs!
You're who I wish I were right now - I can't seem to stick to any sort of schedule. Not that I'm unhappy with it; just kind of wistful.
7 pounds is good. I'd be happy to lose that much again in January. What you have to remember is most people gain 5-10 pounds at Christmas so if you stay the same, technically your ahead by that much. Gotta put a positive spin on it
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