Thursday, December 29, 2005

Swimming and other diversions

Swim Report

After a morning of errand with my wife I decided to go to the pool and swim some laps. It was an hour before lunch, I could already feel hunger pains, my stomach is still on holiday time – eat every two hours whether you need to or not.

Anyway, the pool was full, which kind of surprised me – I guess a lot of people are on vacation. In any case I knocked out about 1000 meters breast stroke. I took a short break and then tried to practice my freestyle. On the first lap I swam into two other swimmers (I’m still pulling to the right). I decided to check out the smaller pool, but it was full of kids, so I went back and swam another 100 meters breast stroke and called it a day. I at least got in some swimming.

Diet Report

I really don’t like to talk about my diet, I am so ashamed. Well not really, but I did gain 4 pounds over Christmas I can’t seem to shake them yet, there is just too many temptations around the house. The other day I had a chocolate Santa chase me around the house until I finally had to put him out of his misery by eating him ;-) I always do best with my diet when I am working, I am far away from the refrigerator and my wife has less time to cook the delicious meals like she has been this week.

Upcoming Race

Yep, Saturday is my last race for the year, a 10K New Year’s Eve run at 2 p.m. Is Jack looking for a new personal best – no absolutely not, I’m going and running for fun. The race goes right by at least a couple of my coworkers houses so I may have to stop along the way :-)

Book Report

One of my Christmas presents was a new (to me) book by John “The Penquin” Bingham called “Marathoning for Mortals”. I am a big fan of John’s Runner’s World column. I’ve only read the first couple pages, but I think it is going to be a good book, I’ll let you know.

The PB can come when you don't expect it, who knows? I think you received a very interesting book.
I have the book but still haven't read bad.

Have a great race on New Years Eve. I need to get out and run.

As for the diet. I am still doing good. I gained 2lbs but lost one of em again. So I'm still down 13. I am sure you will get rid of that 4 pounds quickly with all the running you do.

Have a great 2006.
Hee hee. I have visions of you running from a giant candy Santa....
I'm with you on the diet. The last time I checked I was up about 4 pounds as well, but I may have added a couple more the last couple of days. Have a fun race.
Good luck in your race! You're going to do great!!

I've read that book by JB and it is GREAT! You're really going to enjoy it. Happy New Year!
Scales? Like you play on the piano???

Happy New Year!
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