Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Swim Report & Another Freestyle Swim Class Available?

Swim Report:

Last night was swim night so I headed to the pool for my laps. First priority was a good upper body workout, so I swam 1000 meters breast stroke, non-stop. After a short break I tried to work on my freestyle. I swam about 75 meters before running out of breath, I really need a class so I can learn this stroke correctly. Then I swam 25 meter freestyle laps until I was tired – for a total of about 300 meters. I then swam another 100 meters breast stroke to unwind. Total distance swam: 1400+ meters.

Doing a little self-analysis I would say my breast stroke has improved immensely since I started taking the swim course 9 weeks ago. I still have a long way to go, my kick is dreadful to say the least. On the other side my endurance has really improved, at the beginning of class I could barely swim 4 laps (200 meters) without a break, last night I swam 20 laps (1000 meters) without a break and could have done a few more.

Before my class I could do a stroke that kinda resembled the freestyle, but with a breathing technique that mainly consisted of gasping for air anyway that I could. In my class we have worked about 3 nights for about 20 minutes each night on the freestyle and I at least know what the correct form should look like. I have also established a breathing method that keeps me from drowning. It will take a while before I can out swim the fish.

Freestyle Swim Class

My wife met me at the pool last night, but didn’t have her bathing suit with her, so enjoyed a cup of coffee in the café attached to the sports club while she waited for me. After finishing her coffee she decided to ask the front desk when the next freestyle course will be. If you have been following my blog you may remember I wanted to sign up for a freestyle course in January, but the course was filled in the first 30 minutes (apparently by people who don’t work and can sign up in the middle of the day).

Anyway my wife is not one to be blown off by a stupid answer so she harassed the lady at the front desk until she finally called the manager and had my wife taken away. No not really, but the lady did call the manager and he was able to tell my wife that they are considering offering a second freestyle course in January because they already have 8 people on the waiting list (they only need 7 for the course to run). They only need to find an instructor that has a free schedule.

So to make a long story short, there is still a good chance that I can take a freestyle course during the winter months.

Great news!
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