Friday, December 02, 2005

Signed UP for Marathon III today!

Yep, ignoring all the little voices in my head questioning whether I can really train for a marathon during the coldest months of the year, I took the plunge and signed up for the Bienwald Marathon in Kandel, Rheinland-Pflaz, Germany on March 12, 2006.

I already started my training a few weeks ago, but I remained uncommitted. But now I’m signed up and going to give it my best shot.

I ran the half-marathon in Kandel last year, here are some of my comments about last years race:

“Kandel, a quiet town of 9000, nestled in the state of Rhineland-Pfalz, in the southwest center of Germany. A sleepy town, with quiet shops, old timber-frame houses, surrounded by the Bienwald Forest, fields, and peace. But once a year for the past 25 years this still has been broken by the thunder of almost 2000 pairs of feet in the annual Bienwald Marathon/Half-marathon. This year [2005] was 5°C, the sun smiled down on 1183 participants of the half-marathon, 564 for the full marathon. Spirits were high as the temperature rose, the support crew motivated and the runners soared through the small town, over the fields, through the forest and back again. What a wonderful day for a run!”

Hopefully I will feel at least this good for the 2006 marathon!

That sounds like a beautiful place to run a marathon. My finger is hoovering over the 2006 marathon button right now . . . can I do it?
Great news! I'm wondering if you still plan on doing lots of cross-training, or does this mean you'll do more running than you had thought? Can't wait to see how it all goes!
What a great goal to keep you going through the winter. I'm signed up for the Tampa Marathon the end of Feb.for the same reason. Yeah, we're nuts, no doubt about it!
You made the right thing. Now you have a reason more to run hard during the worst period of the year! As soon as I will follow your example.
Way to go. Heh, the last couple email replies I've sent you lately are coming back. Just ones I've been sending in reply to your recent comments.

Take care Jack and have fun with your training.
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