Friday, December 16, 2005

Runners Who Rock

Okay, Mark is to blame for this latest meme, but it’s kind of cool so we should keep it going.

The Mission:

1. Create a post titled Runners Who Rock.
2. List three runners who rock and tell us why they rock. Make sure you provide a link to their blog!
3. Tell those three runners about the meme and tag them so they can keep it going.
4. Link to runners who rock and to the blogger who tagged you so we get a ping and can keep track of all the participants!

Now my beloved weigh-loss, trail-running, and all around running/walking pink-lady animal, Dawn would have been my first pick, as she never ceases to motivate me for the next challenge, but since she picked me I have to come up with some new names. The problem here is that I don’t think there are any at CompleteRunning who do not rock, but to narrow it down I just wrote down the first three names that popped into my head:

Dianna has always been an inspiration to me, her warm smile, her energy, her kind words, good advice and super accomplishments. She just plain rocks!

Mia is an awesome woman, need I say more. Her dedication to running, exercise and her family is to be admired and respected. The best thing about Mia though, is that she Mia is Mia, without compromise, a true Rock that runs too!

Neca always seems to have a tidbit of advice, kind word, or just seems to be on the same wavelength when I need it. Despite having days/weeks/months where all odds are against her hitting the trail, weights or whatever, she still manages to come back to it. You rock Neca, keep it up!

There are really so many others that I can name from chocolate runners to those finally running to those who take one step at a time, through the USA, Canada, UK, Italy, and the rest of the world. The list would look like the CompleteRunning directory and the reasons why they rock would all be personalized and special, as each one of them are so special! Happy Holidays!

Thanks! We've had ice the past 2 mornings, and they are saying we may get some on Sunday too. But this afternoon is going to be sunny & upper 40s, so I figure I better get up & run tomorrow morning - I need it! (I figure I only need to run 2 or 3 days straight to work off the grabage I've consumed in the last week! Uggh!!!!)
Most excellent choices, Jack. I hadn't been to Neca's site before. Cool to discover a new blog to add to my list of favs.

I most definitely agree with your choices. Great ladies!

Heh, thanks also for the kind words!
Oh, Jack! I'm not worthy. So sweet of you fact, reading that makes me want to *be* that Mia, so thanks!!
you made me blush and made my day. thanks jack!
Great choices! I've never been to Neca's site either, so thanks for the tip!
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