Friday, December 02, 2005

Run, Run, Eat, Eat

Tomorrow’s Half-marathon

I have increased my calorie intake over the last day or two, mostly carb’s, to build up by energy base for my race tomorrow. This has resulted in gaining a pound or two, but on the other side I can actually feel the energy churning inside. If my swim instructor doesn’t wear us out too much tonight at my swim course I anticipate a good half-marathon tomorrow. I am not really looking for a PR race (PR = 1:48:12), as I need to stick to my marathon training schedule, but I still would like to finish in under two hours. The race route is flat, mostly asphalt (of course), and around 70-80% through the forest - should be fun!

Annual Christmas Market

My town is having their annual Christmas market this weekend. Last year they had 25 booths set up selling food, crafts, food, Christmas stuff and did I say food. What is cool about this market is that it is out the door, turn 45° to the left, walk for 1 minute – in other words almost directly across the street from our house. Needless to say my diet will remain on hold until Monday – but hey it can’t be all work and no fun! I will try to snap a few pictures of the market for the curious.

There are always festivals and markets going on across the street from you! You clearly live in the best part of town!!

Good luck and have fun on your half!
Have fun - reading about that brings back some great memories.

And good luck on the race!
One of my wife's favorite stories involves an insanely cold Christmas Market in one of the German towns near the Belgian Border (her folks spent a couple years living in Belgium after their kids grew up; I missed the trip to ride good ship USS ANNAPOLIS through the Suez Canal and around to the Persian Gulf). Gluevine (warmed, spiced wine-know I misspelled) was involved, as were shoes more suited for Christmas in Texas. I got a box of pictures and stuff sometime in late January - Woo Hoo! Re-Christmas!

So, I'm jealous, obviously.

Enjoy the race...
good luck with the race this weekend!
Good luck on the running, eating, and drinking! Look forward to seeing your pics.
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