Thursday, December 08, 2005

Mr. Dog, please get off my foot!

Run Report:

It was a cool, wet 7C/46F as I hit the trail last night for my 14K/8.7M round. There was a bone-chilling wind blowing and a slight sprinkle of rain as I started over the fields. I took my route in reverse again, this seems to work better in the winter months as I make it through most of the forest portion of the route before complete darkness sets in.

My legs were kind of tired, no great surprise considering I only took one day off since the half-marathon on Saturday. I tried to keep the pace down, but as I entered the woods another runner appeared from a side trail and ran just ahead of me. He was going almost the same pace as I was and for some reason I preferred solitude last night, so I picked up the pace and left him behind. After 10-15 minutes I gradually slowed my pace down again and wound my way out of the forest onto the trail that would bring me back home. It was dark by this time and the trail was wet and muddy with large mud puddles everywhere. The moon was blocked by the rain clouds so I could barely see the puddles until I stepped in them, I hate running when my feet are soaked – after a while I could feel a blister forming on the side of my foot.

Dog on my Foot

I continued down the trail that led along the edge of the forest and all of a sudden a dude with a big dog was right there in front of me. Luckily he restrained the dog at the last minute, I could feel the dog breathing on me! But the guy continues to yell in the direction I’m runing and next thing I know a second dog was right up on me, so close that his front foot landed on mine, I could feel his mouth rub against my arm. I closed my eyes in anticipation of the dogs teeth sinking into my arm or leg, but heard the dog owner yell something in a very commanding voice which the dog finally reacted to. After checking whether I had peed my pants I continued on down the trail murmuring rather abusive words about dog owners in at least two languages. Geez!

Due to the increased adrenalin rush I pretty much flew the last 5K back to the house, which was not the best thing for my legs. My average pace for the run 5:47/K (9:19/M), which was about 30-45 seconds faster/kilometer than I had wanted to run.

This morning my legs are tired and a bit sore, so I am going to take tonight and tomorrow night off. My last swim course for this year has been postponed from this Friday to next, due to swimming pool renovations, so no swimming until Sunday. Saturday morning is my next long run, 26K/16M on the schedule.

Diet Update:

This morning I was down to 72kg (159 lbs.), yippee! Now if I can only hold this through the weekend.

I'm with you on the dogs. I love dogs but not in my face when I'm running...sheeshhhh.

Good job on the diet. When I get down to that I'll yell yippee so loud you might hear me over there.
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