Tuesday, December 20, 2005

It's been a good running year!

I am starting to see people blogging about their “year in review”, what they accomplished (or didn’t) etc. I have been doing this in my head for a couple weeks already, mostly in conjunction with trying to figure out new goals for 2006.

My two biggest goals for 2005 were to run my first marathon and to finally get my weight down to 70 kg (155 lbs). I also wanted to set a new PR for my other race distances. Outside of the weight loss, I accomplished all of this by the end of May. So I set some new goals, to run a mountain trail run, to set a new PR with the marathon and to run 2000 kilometers this year. I accomplished these goals by the end of October.

I still have 7 pounds to lose before I reach my 70 kg goal weight, plus I’ve set a new goal of 150 lbs., so I will carry this work over into the new year. But this doesn’t bug me in the least because when I look in the mirror I like what I see, I feel great and I know I am eating healthier than I have my whole life!

So now I only need to figure out which goals to set for 2006. The problem is that my ambitions are greater than the amount of the time that I have available. So I’m writing lists of stuff I would like to do, what I think I have time for, things I should do, things that I could do if I can squeeze more time out of my life, blah-blah, etc.

You have definitely had a great running year, among other things. It's a great thing to know that when my running is suffering, I'm able to stop by here and read about how great things are going for you. It always gives me hope.

Here's to a great 2006!
What a great idea for an end-of-year entry! You've had a great year, and an inspiring one for many of us! Here's to 2006!
Way to go!! I'm sure 2006 will be even better than 2005! Knock those goals out!
You've got a head start on me but we have a similar goal in mind. I just posted about it and by the way, I tagged you as well.

All the best in 2006.
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