Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Hero of the Week

Running Report

Yesterday was a wet, drizzly day - cool with about 8C/46F, but no wind – in other words almost perfect running weather! The only thing missing was a little sunshine.

My goal for last night was my 14K/8.7M route at a comfortable recovery pace. I decided to run my route in reverse, this would get me out of the forest before it was really dark. I quickly fell into a comfortable 6:00/K (9:39/M) pace for the first few kilometers. My legs felt a little tired and stiff, but as I warmed up I didn’t notice this so much anymore.

For the first time in several weeks I actually passed another runner as I entered the forest at around the 3K point. I recognized him to be a “hobby jogger” that I saw in the summer a couple times. He parks at the edge of the forest and takes a 3K loop through the forest, usually with a cute little white dog that follows obediently behind him. He had his dog with him last night as well, tagging along like always. We exchanged greetings as we passed each other and continued on our way.

I wound my way through the forest, passed two walkers that were scurrying through trying to get out the forest before dark. They were talking up such a storm that I startled them as I came around a slight curve upon them. We exchanged greetings and they went back to their power talking, I mean walking ;-)

It was getting quite dark as I reached the edge of the forest, where I took a right and ran along a road for about 5 minutes. I was sure to turn on my blinking armband as cars occasionally whiz along this narrow seasonal road. I was also wearing a reflective vest, this is invaluable for anyone running along roads at night!

So I finally reached my return path that took me along the edge of the same forest and through the neighboring town of Spoeck and back home. I was feeling good so gradually picked up the pace somewhat, eventually finishing my run with an average pace of 5:46/K (9:17/M), not exactly a recovery pace, but I felt good afterwards. This morning my legs are a little stiff, but otherwise I feel good.

Diet Report

After gaining 4 pounds over the weekend, which brought my weight back up to 165 lbs. as of yesterday morning, I was very careful about what I ate yesterday. As a result I was pleased to see that I was back down to 162 lbs. this morning. If I eat carefully today I may be back down to my pre-weekend weight of 161 lbs. by tomorrow morning or Wednesday. Then it will only be a matter of losing 11 lbs. to meet my goal weight.

My Hero of the Week

If you have been reading my blog for the last couple weeks you might have gathered that Jank, Jon and I have had a little competition going to see who can drop 17 lbs. first. Well we are all getting totally beat up by a super weight loss champ out of the artic north in Canada. Dawn the Pink Lady has already lost 10 lbs. in the same timeframe, which is more than all of us combined. She is my hero of the week!

Awww *blush* thanks Jack. By the way as of this morning, I'm down 12 pounds. I had to buy a smaller pair of pants. Yeah!!!
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