Monday, December 26, 2005

First Post-Christmas Run

I hope everyone had a pleasant Christmas holiday! My company is closed this week so week are enjoying the time off.

This afternoon I headed out for a 14K/8.7M run, it was time to work off the Christmas stuffing. I started out slow, feeling kind of sluggish from all that I ate over the last couple days. But after a half hour I fell into a steady pace and made my way through the fields and forest. I pass a couple runners and some Nordic walker, I guess they were feeling the need for some movement too. We had some snow flurries today, but no accumulation. I had kind of hoped for a white Christmas, but that rarely happens where we live.

Anyway I finished my 14K run with an average pace of 5:32/K (8:54/M), quite a bit faster than I had anticipated, but very satisfying. Tomorrow we may head to the pool for some swimming, or if that falls through the maybe I will take a short run. Have a great week!

I was trying to figure out if your word "stuffing" was a verb or a noun. Either way, I need to work some of that off too. My schedule says today is rest day, but yesterday was rest because of the holiday (gym was closed). I feel so conflicted.
Great job on the run. Enjoy the week off from work!
I have the week off as well and will hopefully catch up on my blog reading and posting.

I ate reasonably yesterday and I even ran for about 50 minutes. It was too nice out not too.

Great job on your run. Enjoy your time off.
Hope you have a great & relaxing week!
You know, if you manage to get in a good run just after Christmas, it means you have managed to avoid the worst excesses.
Arn't you glad xmas is over Jack? So much food, so little energy.

Sound like you got back into it quick though...I should have tried that

Happy new year .... nearly :)
Great run! We never have white Christmases either, in fact I don't think I've ever had a white Christmas. I'm catching up on my blog reading this morning and everyone has a post about sluggish, post-feast running! It's so funny and so universal!
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