Monday, December 12, 2005

Combat Swimming

Yesterday I went to the swimming pool for swim training. I went to the smaller 25-meter pool in the neighboring town of Blankenloch, as the larger pool that I usually go to was closed this weekend. In any case the pool was full of people, mostly parents with kids. This wouldn’t be so bad if the people would be a little bit considerate and leave a lane or two for people who want to swim (and not just play). It was extremely difficult to do any laps, but I stuck it out anyway, I figured it was good training for a future Tri :-)

I swam mostly breast stroke, as I am more proficient at this than the freestyle. Every time I tried the freestyle I ended up running into people, so eventually gave up trying to practice this. I don't think there was a single lap where I didn't have to dodge another swimmer or some jerk standing in the middle of the way. My nerves were pretty much on end by the close of this session - some of the people were down right belligerent. I don’t know how many times I wish I could have whacked a couple kids (or their parents) on the side of the head when they deliberately blocked my way. I need to find another pool for my Sunday swimming.

Altogether I guess I swam around a 1000 meters, based more on my time rather than trying to keep track of all the 25m laps. At least I got in a good upper body workout for the day. Have a nice week!

Good grief, I hope I never bump into you when I'm in a swmming pool with my kids, Rambo.

At our pool the life guards kick out those who are not doing laps. Its a big pool and they don't need to play in the lanes.

Occasionally you still get someone who tries crossing through or jumps in and doesn't even pay attention that they almost land on top of you. I agree its nuts.
Gee maybe I should clarify that I never WOULD whack a kid on the side of the head, although the thought remains. The belligerent father's on the other hand, especially those that told me to kiss various body parts when I asked them KINDLY to move out of the swim lanes, are another matter. Notice I said "father's" as in plural, more than one - such a friendly crowd at the pool.
Look at you go, Jacqua-Man!!! :)
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