Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Why are you scaring my animals?

Today seemed to be one of those days that I should have stayed in bed. A small sampling:

- My train was late.
- The engineer that I finally have an appointment with after waiting for 4 months called and said he is stuck in Switzerland for the rest of this week so postponed until next year. This delays an important project another 2 months at least. I’m already getting flak.
- The cleaning lady was vacuuming the floor and snagged my keyboard cable causing my PC to reboot – I lost an hours work because I didn’t bother saving it for that long.
- I tried to enter my data on the CompleteRunning map and screwed up the longitude and latitude, twice (sorry Mark).
- I fought with a new webpage menu design for four hours trying to find a bug, I still haven’t found it.
- My streetcar was late, I almost missed my train home.

I finally made it home, suited up and went running thinking it can only get better now. I ran a terrific first 10K, felt totally awesome, than the local Forester comes driving up to me in the forest and yells at me for having my little blinking arm band on while I ran. His reason – I am scaring the animals! You notice that I said that he DROVE UP TO ME, like with lights on, high-beam’s mind you, radio blaring and YELLS at me for disturbing the animals in the forest with my little tiny, smaller than Christmas lights, blinking red lamps on my arm band. Now the train tracks are about 300 meters from where we were standing, trains run through every 20-30 minutes with their lights on. Five hundred meters from this point there is a major road construction going on where they are working 24 hours a day with their bulldozers and other heavy machines, and he complains about my little blinking red lights on my arm band scaring HIS animals...where was he when all the unleashed dogs were trying to bite me in this same forest the whole year long...grrrrRRR!

I feel better now, thank you!

I still finished my 14K/8.7M run in 1:16:17, which was a pace of 5:27/K (8:46/M).

Stuck in Switzerland. Now you don't hear that comment often over here:) Glad to hear your training is continuing well.
I guess pointing out the sheer stupidity of his statement would NOT have ben a smart move??? :-)
I guess there's no chance that moron will read that blog entry, is there?
My German wife had the opinion that this was the Forester's way of trying to make himself important. If I had stood there and argued with him then he would have had grounds to call the police and have me arrested for breaking the peace (his word against mine - I get stuck paying a fine). I am still trying to decide if I the fine would have been worth it...
Some people just don't make sense. Sounds like the rest of your day wasn't great.

I think maybe he was jealous cause you get to run and he has to sit in a
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