Tuesday, November 08, 2005

To be elite or not to be elite, that is the question!

To be elite or not to be elite that is the question? Actually this question never came to mind in regards to my running. I never had the inclination to be an elite runner, nor do I have the time, genes, family support, job, or money to do so.

So where does that leave me? I’m a hobby runner and proud of it. I run for me - my health, my nerves, my enjoyment, my weight control. I race because I enjoy it, the other racers, the environment and it motivates me to run more. This is not to say that I am a sloth and don’t try to beat my time at most races. But I am not above racing just to run, e.g. with no other goal than to cross the finish line. I went from couch to marathon in less than two years, I'm satisfied, I just want to enjoy the ride for awhile!

This is the attitude that I have as I begin my next marathon journey. Someday I want to break the 4-hour barrier, but I know this will take more time and energy than I can/want to commit myself to over the next few months. So I am just going to enjoy the training, the running and see how close it brings me to this goal. I still may have a good day and thrust myself over the finish line in under-4, I’ll know at about the 36K marker.

In any case I decided to post my tentative training schedule. I say tentative because life is full of roadblocks, so I have to be flexible.

good post jack, i can identify. i'll never be elite but maybe one day, a sub 4? seems doubtful for me at this point but its just fun to shoot for a goal and run!
I heard a presentation about this. The person was talking about a race he had done - XC cycling. Him and his buddy sped up to the lead group but found themselves amongst a group that was head down and not enjoying the race. They were angry and unpleasant. They (him and his buddy) looked at each other and decided this was not the place they wanted to be so they relaxed their pace and enjoyed the race.

It makes sense. For me I know I will never place in the top whatever and after that we all get the same medal, so I run my own race. I run a pace that won't kill me, but perhaps shows some improvement and if not at least I finish standing up and smiling.
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