Friday, November 11, 2005

There’s a New Competition in Town

Just when you thought you heard it all on RBF, a new competition enters the picture. Yep, Bill (Jank) mentioned yesterday that one of his goals for the next few months is to drop his weight 17 lbs. from 167 to 150, which is ideal for a 5’7” type.

Now I am also a 5’7” type who weighed 167 lbs. last week (I’ve lost 2 since then) and who is also working for the day when I weigh 150 lbs.

So I challenged Bill to a duel, the first one to hit 150 lbs. gets a gold star! Bill accepted this challenge, so the battle is on. Hopefully this will motivate each other to reach our goals! In any case I hope this little friendly "competition" is just what I need to get a jumpstart on my diet. I think all of Bill's goals are totally doable, and I wish him luck. The best is when we both get our gold stars on the same day! Maybe Jon can help us celebrate with a low-cal version of his Truffels (is there such a thing).

Anybody else need to lose 17 lbs. that wants to submit an application! Stay-tuned to the RBF, where all the exciting things in life are HAPPENING!

Another great use of the RBF! Go Jack. Go Bill. Errr, Good luck to you both:)
Yes Jack, there are low cal truffles! Hmm... I need to lose around 15, but I'm not sure I'd want to wager all 15 against y'alls 17....
i love how this rbf thing challenges us! good luck, you two!
Good luck guys and what a great idea. I could handle losing 17 lbs several times Keep us posted on your success.
I hope you both realise that losing 17 lbs is a lot - good luck guys!
Low cal? Ofcourse! Cut them in half before eating. The excess calories spill out. :)

I could stand to lose 15 myself. It seems to have piled on during marathon training and afterwards. Hmmm. Maybe I need to jump on the bandwagon too.
hey cool challenge guys, i think i will see what i can do! i think 17 would take me forever (into next year for sure) but i will let you know how it goes! cool.
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