Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Swim Training and Half-marathon Race Strategy

Swim Training

Last night I stopped at the pool on the way home to do some cross-training. First on the agenda was to work my upper body so - a 1000 meters of breast stroke – no breaks. This took about 40 minutes if I counted my laps correctly. How’s my form? Well, it still makes my swim instructor cringe, and she went as far as to say I am not a breast stroke swimmer, I should concentrate on learning the freestyle. It’s still a good upper body workout.

So next I did (or tried) 2 x 50 meter freestyle. As I am still attempting to learn this, I only managed the first 50 meters without a break and about half of the next 50 meter lap, then finishing with the breast stroke to catch my breath.

As the pool got pretty full by this time I decided to do 6 x 50 meters, whereas I swam 25 meters freestyle and the remaining 25 meters of each lap breast stroke. I was pretty worn out after doing this so I decided to call it a night, I have a race on Saturday.

I am slowly starting to figure out the freestyle breathing, at least when I really concentrate. My swimming instructor walked by as I was leaving and made the comment that I keep my arms almost completely straight, I need to learn to bend them – the way I do it wastes an awful lot of energy. I can vouch for that! She said will work with me on the proper technique in our class on Friday night. Oh please do!!

Weekend Half-marathon

Saturday at 14:20 is my last half-marathon for this year. The weather prediction is a mild 7C/45F, slightly breezy and lots of rain. As long as its not icy or pouring rain, no problem!

My race strategy and goal - have fun! In other words just run for me, no PR’s, no pressure, just run, have fun, maybe even leave my stopwatch home :-) I want to try to avoid a long recovery time after this race, I am in the midst of marathon training and don't want downtime.


My weight is hovering at 73 Kg/161 lbs. - I don't know if I will lose any this week, I need to carbo-load for my race on Saturday. I generally tend to eat like a bear coming out of hybernation after a race too, so Jon and Jank have a chance this week!

Jack I noticed you tried to enter your lat/long on the RBF map. You must use GEOCODED latitude and longitude for it to work. This is not the same as regular latitude and longitude. :)
Jack, Please do NOT put the long/latitude in the way you have been trying. You must put them in using DECIMAL GEOCODE format. THANKS!
Hey, don't forget Dawn, the Pink Lady - she's jumped on board...
Jank thoughtfully reminded me that Dawn, the Pink Lady is totally beating us all (together) with her magnificant weight loss! Be sure to follow her efforts!
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