Sunday, November 20, 2005

Swim, Run, Swim, Bike, Brrr...

It has been a busy couple days so I am a bit behind in my posting.

On Thursday I got stuck in a meeting and didn’t make it home until almost 8 p.m., too late to stop at the swimming pool, so I declared it a rest day.

On Friday was my swim course, I showed up early and swam about 400 meters to “warm-up”. During the first half of the 45 minute class the instructor has us work on the breast stroke, trying to point out the main problems that we still have. She said I was doing much better, have picked up speed and my form is almost acceptable, just keep working on the kick. The second have of the class we worked on the crawl, or freestyle. After a little initial practice with the kick and arm movements we spend a while working on breathing. Our class was so motivated that the course ended up running about 20 minutes longer before the teacher noticed that it was time to quit. I would guess that all together I swam about 1000-1200 meters, a good workout!

Yesterday I waited until mid-afternoon to do my run, taking advantage of the sunny weather. It was still only about 4C/39F as I suited up, warmed-up, and headed out the door. The sun was brilliant, no wind, I love this weather. My goal was 16K/10M, so I took my usual 14K route and added an extra loop around a field on the way back. Average pace for the 16K/10M was 5:55/K (9:32/M) a good pace for this time of year.

Today I went to the swimming pool after church, swimming about an hour – I would guess around 1100-1200 meters, I lost track again. I went to the pool in Blankenloch, the next town south of us. Their pool is only about half the size of the pool where I take my swimming lessons, so I have to do a lot more laps – harder to keep track. I should time how long I need to swim a lap so I can just go by the total time.

My wife is working on her homework for an English class that she is taking, so I am thinking about slipping out for an hour and measure a new running path with my bicycle. It’s only 2C/36F outside, so it will be a chilly ride. At least it hasn’t snowed in our area yet – an advantage of living in the lowlands.

Have a nice Sunday!

You are so dedicated, Jack. I just want to beat Jank, right? And now Jon, too. What a competition:)
Very hardcore on the sub 2C bike. Need to get my head out of my nether regions.
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