Saturday, November 05, 2005

A Swift 16K Run; Tentative March Marathon Plans

A busy day today - this morning I sanded down and prepared an olden wooden chair for refinishing this morning. After lunch I went with my wife to a flea market this afternoon, came home put the first coat of finish on the chair, cleaned up the garage, then went running.

As I headed out on my run I knew that it would be dark before I finished so I decided to run my 14K/8.7M route in reverse. When I run the route in this direction the last 6-7K are either on the edge of the forest or across fields so I can take advantage of the moonlight. Tonight was 16K/10M on my training schedule so I did an extra loop around the last field before returning – this was fairly close to 16K anyway. If it was indeed 16K then my pace was 5:33/K (8:56/M).

I felt good tonight, lots of energy! I think this was a result of loading up on pasta the last few meals. My muscles were a little tired as I finished, but in a positive way.

Yesterday I brought up the subject of running a marathon in 2006 with my wife. We have postponed our vacation to my parents in New York until 2007, so I could theoretically run anytime next year. Now this year I trained from January to October which I know really killed my wife’s nerves. So I offered that I run my marathon in March then run a FEW shorter races the rest of the year. I could see that this appealed to my wife but she refused to commit without thinking it over.

In any case in order to run a marathon on March 12th I need to start my training on Monday (18 weeks prior). If for any reason this marathon doesn’t work out at least I will have a good base for whenever I do in 2006. I also am running a half-marathon on December 3rd, so a few long runs will be a good thing!

Hi Jack, I replied to your post, thank you. I see we have the same goal, a marathon in march. You on 12 and I on 26, which marathon will you enter? I think you are following a good training schedule.
Good luck with your marathon decision. My wife cringes at my training year round.
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