Monday, November 28, 2005

Sunday Swim Day

Yesterday afternoon I went to the swimming pool to do some laps. I went to the smaller pool (25 meter) in the neighboring town of Blankenloch. The pool was really full, with lots of kids playing in the water, which made it quite difficult to do laps. I practiced my freestyle as best I could, but finally gave up and worked on my breast stroke. I seemed to have an overall lack of energy (or motivation?) yesterday so quit after about 900-1000 meters.

My long run on Saturday went well as I mentioned in my last report. My new Asics GT2100 running shoes are great. I wore them to work on Friday to try to break them in a little bit at least, then wore them on my long run – no blisters, no aches, pains or annoyances.

I noticed that I was more worn out yesterday than normal. I am blaming this on my diet - it is really difficult to diet and train for a marathon. I expect as my long runs increase that my diet will gradually fizzle out, due to my body’s increased demand for energy. I gained a pound this weekend, which is normal as my body seeks to refuel after a long run. My weight should be back to the pre-weekend level (161 lbs.) by tomorrow.

This week I have two 14K/8.7M runs planned, tonight and Wednesday. Tuesday night I want to swim again and Friday is my swim course. On Saturday afternoon I am scheduled to run a half-marathon as a training run. The latest weather reports are not good, it is very likely that we will have a winter storm by the end of the week. If the roads are anything like they were this past Saturday than the race may be cancelled. Plan B is a 21K/13M run on my normal trails.

Have a good week!

Spatzle & saurkraut sounds excellent to me! Wish I could air-mail you a pie. :-)
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