Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Stressful Day = Good Day for a Run!

Following a stressful day at work I was ready to hit the running trail by the time I got home tonight. So with 4C/39F temperatures, storm clouds looming and a brisk wind I headed out on my 14K/8.7M run. I was kind of warn out from my work day and diet, so I decided to wear my MP3 player, this always causes me to run faster.

I finished the first 4K/2.5M with an average pace of 5:22/K (8:39/M). For the rest of the way it was too dark to see my watch. I cruised along at a pretty good pace until around the 3K, where I ran out of steam – I’m still not eating enough I guess. In any case I slowed down a little, I was running against the wind, my energy level was low. My average pace for the 14K run tonight was 5:37/K (9:03/M) – I’m completely satisfied with this time.

Tomorrow night is a rest night, Friday swim class and Saturday morning my long run. I have 24K/15M on the schedule. I want to try to slow the pace down a little, maybe a 6:15/K (10:04/M) pace.

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