Thursday, November 17, 2005

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I was looking at my training log last night, one more run and I will be over 2400K for the year (so far), that’s almost 1500 miles! My goal for this year was 2500K, I’ll have that easily by the end of the November. This weekend I have a 16K/10M run on the training plan. After this weekend I will alternate long runs and medium runs. The medium runs will range from 18-24K (11-15M), the long runs will start at 24K (15M) and end at probably 36K(22.4M). I want to get in at least four runs over 30K (18.6M) before my marathon in March. That’s the plan, now it’s only a question of whether I can accomplish all this during the winter, e.g. Jack vs. The Winter.


I have to work late today so have my car, which means I have another opportunity to stop at the swimming pool on the way home. I am determined to get in the 500 meters that I didn’t on Tuesday night when my swimming teacher distracted me. If the pool is not too busy and I have my rhythm I will try to get in a total of 1000-1200 meters. Friday night is swim class #7, Teacher has already warned me that I will be practicing my breaststroke kick the first half of the 45 minute session. The second half of the class will be freestyle instruction. Glad I don’t have a long run on Saturday morning.


This weekend I want to mark out a new 24K/15M route for my “medium” long runs. This is a good opportunity to get in some biking. Did I say we are expecting snow this weekend.


My diet is going well, I was 74kg (163 lbs.) this morning. That means I've lost two pounds this week, I need to increase my calorie intake slightly. It has been my experience that if I lose more than a pound or two a week I end up going on a wild eating binge and gain it all back plus a couple pounds. So slow, slow, slow down.

I also find that my normal 14K/8.7M training runs are a good monitor as to whether I am eating enough. When the calorie intake is too low I crash and burn about 10K’s out (like last night). So for the next 3-4 days I will increase my calorie intake by maybe 300-500 calories (I don’t count calories, so I am only guessing). My goal for the rest of the week is basically to hold my weight at the current level until Monday, then reduce the calories again to lose the next pound. This method seems to work for me. It does require a lot of concentrated eating in order to get enough energy for my training. There is really no room for “junk” calories.

Last Words

I still haven’t made it upstairs in the shed to do weight training, this is definitely my lazy side.

You mean you aren't perfect??? :-)
Sad, but true! Sigh...
2400 km. are a good goal and you have 45 days to add mileage. Very very good!!!
I think I found those 2 pounds. Can I give them back to you?
um...'lazy side'? did you just read your own post?! look at you go! silly jack.
Heh, heh. Well if that was ALL you did, then I'd say you were definately lazy not to throw weights on top of it all. No sense taking the easy way out. ;)

And congrats on the two pounds. Keep going, Jack. :)
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