Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Marathon Training: Latest Ponderings

I was just looking at McMillan’s Running calculator. I entered my best half-marathon time of 1:48:12) which resulted in a proposed marathon finish time of 3:48:12 which is almost 45 minutes faster than my best marathon time.

Based on this HM time I should be running my long runs at an average pace between 5:44 to 6:21 per kilometer (9:13 to 10:13 per mile), which I do. I’ve been averaging around 6:00/K (9:39/M) or faster.

The average pace for my two marathons was 7:22/K (11:51/M) and 6:30/K (10:27). The average training pace for these marathons was 6:30/K and around 5:45/K, or in other words much faster than my actual marathon pace. With my last marathon I ran long runs up to 36K/22M twice, so an extra 6+ kilometers should have been a piece of cake.

This leaves me kind of puzzled and wondering why. Am I lacking endurance? Do I get nervous at races? Is it because I start too fast? Am I tapering too much? Too little? ??

So anyway this is what is running through my head as I get deeper into my Marathon III training.

When I was driving to work this morning I was pondering what my goal time for the marathon in March should be. I ran the half-marathon on the same course this past March with a time of 1:58:52, which was reasonable considering the lousy winter weather on that day. So I am going to plan on running in 4 hours and see if I can climb this mountain when I get to it. As I will be running less weekly mileage than with my past two marathons, I think I can apply for Superhero status if I pull it off.

i think the we overlook a few things about with the calculators: the difference in marathon courses, the weather, how we feel on race day and how different it is to run 13.1 miles versus 26.2.

train smart and run the race that's placed before you. that's the best you can do Jack!
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