Monday, November 21, 2005

Lots to Think About in the Training Arena


Yesterday I took a quick ride with my bicycle to measure a new 24K/15M route that I want to used for my "medium-long" run training. About 22 of these kilometers are on asphalt, not my favorite surface, but necessary to prepare me for the all-asphalt surfaced marathon.

Marathon Training

Speaking of marathon training, I am hearing a lot of negative voices inside my head lately when I have been doing my training runs. Somehow the combination of colder weather, increased cross-training, dieting and increased workload at work is leaving me less motivated than I should be in my second official week of marathon training. I need to snap out of this “marathon depression” soon or just throw in the towel and find a Fall marathon. The latter thought is sounding way to good in the moment so I need to seriously think about what my priorities are over the next few months.

We have a new Director of Marketing and Communications at work who is very ambitious, wants to change a lot, and soon. Part of his plan calls for our entire Website to be reworked, which will effect me and my free time. It is entirely possible that I will need to postpone my marathon anyway, based on this new stress factor. If my wife is supportive of a late-fall marathon, I don’t have a problem with this. Stay-tuned.


There is a freestyle swimming class coming up in January, I have to decide soon if I am going to participate. This class would be important for any future Tri plans. Two of the people in my present class have already said they are taking the class and are trying to talk me into it. Hard to say no, so I probably will just do it.


I managed to hold my weight at 74kg (163 lbs.) until Saturday. Yesterday my wife cooked a great meal which totally blew my diet out of the water so this morning I was not too surprised when I was up a pound at 74.5kg (164 lbs.). But for the next three days I am reducing my calories again so am not overly concerned about this pound. Actually I still lost a pound last week, so I am right on schedule.

Don't give up on the marathon training just yet, Jack. Wait a few weeks, and if you're still not motivated then, you can reconsider.
Besides, if you stop training for the marathon, can you imagine the effects of Christmas on you weight????
Hi! I'm no expert in physiology or nutrition, but I seem to recall a lot of people saying that weight varies by day. Hormones, what we just ate, if we just worked out (and sweated)-it all affects how much we weigh. So you don't have to worry about 1 pound fluctuations-it might just be normal variation in weight.

Anywhoo, enjoy the running. It's too bad we have other things to worry about, right? :)
I took a nice walk during lunch to clear the head, I came to the same conclusion as Thomas: Keep training, see how it goes, if it is clearly too much my body will most definitely let me know. And man is he right about Christmas!!

I think Audrey is right on too, my weight can fluctuate as much as 2-3 lbs. from day to day depending on whether and how much I exercise. I don't get too excited about a pound or even two.
I think you have to keep on training for the marathon. You will have many difficult moments but they pass and you will regret the decision to stop the scheduled trainings. Better you find the motivation for example watching your running photos or a movie about the marathon, listening music and reading your logbook with the PB's.
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