Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Jackaquaman Training!

Tonight was swim night. I started with the breaststroke, 1000 meters, non-stop – new record for me. After a short pause I did another 200 meters with emphasis on correct form. I then tried my best effort of the freestyle, after 50 meters I was gasping for breath – I need lots of work on the breathing technique. I tried another lap (50 meters), but after about halfway ran out of steam and finished with the breaststroke.

I decided I need to practice the basic freestyle kick and arm movements, so I switched over to the smaller “kiddie” pool which was almost empty and practiced a bit. I tire really quickly, most like due to horrible form. When I first started the breaststroke I couldn’t go so far either, I just need lots of practice.

After a while I went back to the main pool and managed almost 70 meters with the freestyle stroke before gasping for air. So I decided that was enough for tonight, did another 100 meters breaststroke and headed home.

Total distance swam 1500 meters plus! All in all pretty successful Jackaquaman training!

p.s. My swimming teacher was all eyes tonight, but this time she chose to leave me along, or may I sent the right Jackaquaman signals and she got the message;-) If you read last Tuesday's report she was trying to "help me" and I didn't meet my swimming goal for the night.

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