Tuesday, November 22, 2005

It’s the little things...

...that let you know that your diet and exercise program are working:

- Your spouse tells you no longer have any “meat on the bones”.
- Your spouse can put her arms around you.
- You have to wear a belt to keep your pants from falling off.
- You have to buy clothes because nothing fits anymore (too big).
- You can finally wear that old leather jacket that hasn’t fit for 15 years.
- Your nickname at work becomes “a little less of ”.
- Those 5 pushups you did every morning are now 25 and seem easy.
- You rarely worry about how far your runs are, rather how FAST.
- Your spouse keeps telling you to slow down when you take a walk together.

My weight this morning 73.5kg (162 lbs.). Now if I can only hold it until the end of the weekend.

This weeks sports schedule:
Monday (done): 14K/8.7M run (tempo)
Tuesday (tonight): 1000+ meter swimming
Wednesday: 14K/8.7M run (easy pace)
Thursday: Rest
Friday: Swim course
Satuday: 24K/15M long run
Sunday: 1000+ meter swimming

WooHoo Jack!! Funny post...congrats!
Go Jack!!
That's a bunch of great things!
Sounds like you are off to a serious jump out of the the gate.

No fair, Jack. I'm actually getting bigger. :(
I'm with Jon - But I've always held that the conservation of mass is an indeliable law of nature. If someone's losing weight, someone is gaining weight. Jon and I are picking up your slack, somehow, through some karmic bond.
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