Monday, November 14, 2005

How NOT to Diet

I contemplated going to the swimming pool yesterday, but my creaking joints talked me into just taking the day off. Good for my joints, bad for my diet. After doing really well all week on my diet, I totally blew it on the weekend, I’m up a pound. Oh well, back to work!

I sat around yesterday a bit perplexed at how the cold weather and swimming have zapped my energy and left my muscles feeling as old as I am. I ran a couple 24K runs in October when it was warmer (and when I was doing less swimming) and felt great afterwards.

But then I thought a little harder about my week - I averaged about 1200 calories a day Monday – Friday. That is about 1000-1500 calories less per day than I have been eating lately. I ran 14K/8.7M on Monday and Wednesday, swam 1200 meters on Tuesday and around 800-1000 meters on Friday night. Saturday morning I had around a 300 calorie breakfast and went on a wet, cold almost 27K/17M run.

Duh, is it any wonder I didn’t have an optimal run, I was starving to death! Of course than I pigged out the rest of the day and Sunday, so am basically starting all over again today. In any case I am adjusting my caloric intake for this week, better to lose weight more slowly anyway.

Got any Italian blood flowing in the veins, or just appreciate the culture? Be sure to check out one of CompleteRunning’s newer members Stefano from Italy at „Run with the Black Knight“. Stefano just completed a fabulous half-marathon and is training for the Rome Marathon.

That's what killed me when I started the whole marathon program - there was no way for me to have enough energy to turn out good runs AND stick with the weight loss.

I'm guessing you'll do fine; but 1KCAL is a huge deficit, and the body's going to rebel.
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