Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Does Home Improvement Work Count as Crosstraining?

I’m on vacation this week, but no sunny beaches for this boy. No I spent the last couple days mixing concrete (by hand), plastering and generally working like a dog in an effort to repair a concrete wall in our laundry room. This office jockey is not used to this work and my body is pretty beat up. I was going to run Monday night but ended up working into the night finishing the concrete work. So I thought I would run last night, but same story – working until 8 p.m.

So this morning my wife went back to work and I decided I needed to stretch my aching leg muscles, so I hit the trail. The first 15 minutes was pure agony, talk about aching muscles, but once I got everything loosened up a bit I fell into a comfortable pace and completed my 14K/8.7M route. No speed records this morning, a nice easy 5:57/K (9:35/M) pace.

So now I have to shower, eat some breakfast then drive to our local home improvement store and pick up some more material. Then its back to work on the laundry room. I hope I can finish up early enough to head to the swimming pool tonight, I want to practice my swimming before I forget how.

Have a good week.

No rest for the wicked, eh Jack? Are you still going to run the 10k fall run on Saturday, if you're so beat up?
Anytime you have sore muscles, it's cross training! Of course, I've been known to call shopping cross training, so what do I know?
The caveat to susie's comment is that it doesn't count as crosstraining if beer was involved during.
Hee hee - funny how our bodies can excel at one thing, but something different wipes us out. Glad you had a good run.
Counts only if you mix the concrete by feet (like grapes), not by hand!
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