Monday, November 14, 2005

14K Run, Winter Outfits, What I ate Today.

After work tonight I headed out at about 16:30 for a 14K/8.7M run at a moderate tempo. The temperature was hovering around 7°C/45°F, but with a chilly breeze, so I guess the wind chill factor was around freezing. I quickly fell into a comfortable pace, not too fast, but not slouching either. Tonight was a full moon so I could pretty much keep up the pace even when the sun disappeared. I finished my run with an average pace of 5:50/K (9:23/M) and felt really good afterwards.

Dressing for Winter Running

After my run on Saturday where I froze the last half of the run I have been rethinking my winter training outfit. I have been wearing a polyester turtle-neck shirt, with a Cool-Max short-sleeve running shirt and a running jacket over this on top. For pants I have been wearing 65% cotton/35% polyester running pants and of course my shoes, socks and a knit hat. I have been having serious problems with chaffing, especially from the running pants so I tried something different. Tonight I wore my Cool-Max running shorts under the running pants, and wore the Cool-Max shirt next to the skin followed by a long-sleeve cotton shirt and a cotton hooded sweater that I could unzip when I got too warm. No more chaffing problems and the Cool-Max seemed to wick away the sweat so I wasn’t freezing by the time I finish running!


Let’s not talk about the weekend, I gained a pound – up to 166 lbs. But the good news is that I ran tonight and have been back on my diet all day.

So let’s see what Jack ate today.

Breakfast (5:15 a.m.): 1 cup of coffee (diet sweetner = ds), 1 bowl of granola with low-fat milk, 1 glass tomato juice (~ 8 oz.).
Snack (9:00 a.m.): 1 cup of coffee (ds), 1 large apple.
Lunch (12:00 a.m.): 1 cup of coffee (ds) , 1 banana, 1 large apple.
Dinner (6:15 p.m.): 1 piece of rabbit (really!), spaghetti with tomato sauce, green salad with 1 tbs. low-cal dressing. 1 glass tomato juice. (I know it is a strange combination, but my wife has school tonight, I cleaned up the leftovers from the weekend).

I also drank about 2-3 liters of water so far today. I’ll probably have at least another liter before the night is done.

That’s it for today. Oh, I also take a multi-vitamin every morning and a calcium/magnesium tablet three times a day (recommended dose).

Jack, I have an advice, if you want to run fit in winter come here. Yesterday I raced in singlet and usually I train wearing only a t-shirt on the short pants. If the training is on the night instead of the t-shirt, the appropriate dress is a cotton long sleever shirt. And for your diet I think that here you can find all the dishes you can desire!!!! Of course all the Complete Running's members are welcome for a relaxing run all together near the sea following the foot-steps of the ancient Etruscan people.
hey. i just wanted to say good luck with the 17 rock for taking on that challenge.

enjoy all of your upcoming training!
First: Good job. :)

Second: You call THAT winter? ;)
if you eat that for lunch everyday you are going to smoke me for sure!! hehe.
Good luck on the diet. I am trying to change my eating habits as well in order to lose 10 lbs to get me to 165, but am not brave enough to post my food intake yet. I did just start compiling what I eat for the day in a journal so I can see where I am at. Definately difficult to balance food to lose while trying to fuel properly as well.
I would starve on that!
I'm impressed with your diet. I can't seem to keep a real diet although I don't go too nuts on meals and extras. I weighed 195 and have been eating fairly normal with out a diet and now I weigh 184lbs. Only thing that has changed is the amount of mileage I've put on my running sneakers.
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