Wednesday, November 09, 2005

1000+ meter Swim

Last night was swim night, I had the car yesterday so I went directly to the pool after work. It was kind of busy the first15-20 minutes, but after awhile it thinned out and I didn’t have to dodge people quite so much while doing my laps. I tried not to think so much about all the technique remarks that my swim coach has been giving me and just did my own variation of the breaststroke. This was not too easy because my swim coach walked by about a zillion times while I was swimming. She had a kid’s swim class yesterday. I’m sure I will hear a couple comments on Friday about my form.

I swam either a 1000 or 1100 meters, somewhere along the way I spaced out and am not sure about my lap count. Probably one of those times that I felt my swim coaches stare, looked up and saw her standing watching me. The first 500 meters I swam without a break, a new record for me (it took around 21 minutes, is that good?).

I wanted to swim more but the palms of my hands started aching, the first time this has happened. I also had a few cramps in my feet, a problem which I was able to correct by adjusting the way I bent or moved my feet. Probably a form problem.

I think my kick is slowly improving. I figured out that the way my kicks is totally different than the more modern breaststroke method that my swim coach has been teaching. And her method is different from the real modern method that I see a lot of the swim team at the pool doing and have researched on the Internet. No wonder I have been so confused.

I bought a used copy of “The Swim Coaches Bible” by I forget who, from Amazon. It was also highly recommended for people learning to swim. I noticed that my form is very similar to the form described in the book, so I can’t be too wrong.

Friday night’s swim course will be interesting!

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