Monday, October 24, 2005

Who Said Learning to Swim Would be Easy?

I decided that I am a good example of what not to do following a marathon. Most ‚expert’ recommend anywhere from 2-4 weeks rest following a marathon, with almost no training the first week and only light training the weeks following that. And no racing the first 4 weeks. Here is the schedule of my weekly training since my September marathon (M):

M + 1: 9K running; 10K biking; 1x weight training.
M + 2: 55K running; 500m swimming.
M + 3: 49K running (including mountain race); 1050m swimming.
M + 4: 38K running (including 10K race with new PB); 1100m swimming; 1x weight training.
M + 5 (last week): 42K running; 1900m swimming; 35K biking

I pretty much broke all these rules and as a result my recovery time has been much longer than from my first marathon in May.

On Friday night at my swim course Teacher patiently, than not so patiently, tried to correct my leg movements involved in the breast stroke. I think she is slowly giving up hope that I will transform into Jackqua Man. Sigh...

In any case my improper kicking techniques are wrecking havoc with my legs, causing undo fatigue and leaving me kaput. So what is the problem? My wife’s theory is that the signal between my brain and my legs keeps getting sent outwards through my ears and never reaches its destination. Methinks I have hit the “swimming wall” and have to fight my way over the finish line. All I want to know is how do the little kids learn swimming so easily? Is it like when you’re over 40 your mind and body don’t get along anymore? Maybe I just have to wait until I’m really old and wander back to my second childhood whereas I can easily learn to swim like the little kiddies ;-) Can you just picture the headline: "Tri Man finishes first triathlon at age 91 and didn't remember doing it!"

Jackqua Man. That's a good one.

I have a pool 30 feet from my computer every evening yet I am so disappointing as a swimmer I don't even consider doing laps. Although once I said I'd never run a marathon either and that is now on the schedule.

Good for you, giving it a shot.
LOL! Jackqua Man! :D

Yeah, I hear ya on the over 40 thing. What the heck happened? I don't remember falling behind like this? I think the running aged me faster.
Practice your kick anytime you lay on your stomach. I've taught more people to kick properly on dry land first. Kick away while you watch TV or read, and put a sponge or ball between your knees if need be. You'll get it.

Yay for you for giving this a go!!
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